National Square Dance Convention®

Home of the World's Largest Square Dance Event

67th National Square Dance Convention®

Kansas City, Missouri - June, 2018




History of the

National Square Dance Conventions®


12th National Square Dance Convention®
St. Paul, Minnesota

June 20, 21,22, 1963

47th National Square Dance Convention®
Charlotte, North Carolina
June  24, 25, 26, 27, 1998


Mabel and Gordon Pierce

Gene and Connie Triplett

Bend the Lines to Lakes and Pines was the official logo of the 12th National Square Dance Convention in St. Paul with Gordon and Mable Pierce as the General Chairman.


Gordon and Mable Pierce became permanent members of the National Executive Committee at the close of the St. Paul Convention, and they functioned in that capacity until Gordon’s death a few years later. St. Paul entertained 10,961 dancers who remember all those lakes and pines when we bent those lines!

 The idea to host a National Square Dance Convention was born in the back of a motor coach as we traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1991 for the 41st National Square Dance Convention®. Bill and Nancy McKinnis asked if Connie and I would help him prepare the bid. We agreed and we asked Wayne and Janice Bowman to be involved.




Nothing Could Be Finer Than
Being in the Carolinas!


Gene and Connie

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